This mine is near Virginia, just north of Hibbing.  Bob often rode his motorcycle to Virginia.
The main entrance to the school
Another shot of the main entrance
The Auditorium where Bob played with his first band
Rear of the Auditorium
The Auditorium
The Auditorium Stage
Detail in the Auditorium
"Stay away from those that carry around a fire hose"
"Don't block up the hall"
The library - how many songs originated from these books? Here's one:  "Well, I investigated all the books in the library,  Ninety percent of em gotta be burned away..."
_DSC4539 (Medium).jpg
Front steps, looking towards Bob Dylan Drive (7th Ave).  Turn left at the steps, left at the first street, and about 4 blocks down you are home, if you're Robert Zimmerman in the late 50's.
This sign was unveiled May 2005
_DSC4545 (Medium).JPG
The bedroom window from which Bob could access the garage roof
_DSC4549 (Medium).JPG
Great soup and sandwiches and coffee - no Dylan stuff - or is there? (see next photo)
Does this title 'ring them bells"?
Now a deli
Bob apparently played here
Downstairs in the Hibbing Library
Temporary Exhibit
Permanent Exhibit - got them all?
_DSC4570 (Medium).JPG
_DSC4572 (Medium).JPG
More of the permanent exhibit
"The Girl from the North Country"
The Atrium section - excellent food and service.  Manager is very friendly.  Souvenirs for sale - mugs, postcards, t-shirts, etc.
reception desk
The star in front of Zimmy's - placed in the sidewalk in May 2005
This was a service station and warehouse years ago.
Howard Street.
_DSC4591 (Medium).JPG
"The drag lines an' the shovels they was a-humming"
_DSC4596 (Medium).JPG
About 1920 the entire town of Hibbing was moved 2 miles south so ore could be mined under the town.  This is some of the streets that were left unmined.  There were houses, hotels, and an opera house here and they were all moved or destroyed.