3 Arrived home after towing the car back from near Chicago.      
  Cost of tow - approx $550 incl food, accomodation and fuel.
  Used Jeff Leinweber's F150 and Murray Burkett's 26 foot trailer.
6 Jacked up car and removed all road wheels.
9 Removed bumpers, and all chrome.
  Dropped IRS and started dismantling it.  Brakes were very weak on the car, but no leaks.
  Also started scrapping paint off. 
  Removed heater box.
  removed battery tray.
  removed stone guard on left side under battery tray.
16 Removed seats.  Both rear bolts very rusty. Had to drill out the driver's side inside bolt.
  Removed tie rod ends.
  Starting getting parts quotes.
20 Cleaned two raod wheels.  Spokes very dirty.
Cleaned chrome.
Cleaned up IRS cage, sand-blasted and painted it.
  Cleaned up brake calipers, sand-blasted and painted.
  Continue to remove paint down to bare metal.  Very hard to get it off.
  Cleaned and painted battery tray with POR-15.